Aleppo Fundraising

The fundraising is closed. Thank you for anyone who contributed! 

I'm happy to announce that with 190 contributors we raised $3120.00, which will go directly to Red Cross/Red Crescent.

You guys are amazing. I'll announce as soon as I've donated the money!



The situation in Aleppo has reached a level where standing by on the side line is no longer an option, so I decided to help the best way I know how.

I created an illustration, exclusively for this cause to help finding funds for the victims.

For one week I will be selling this print (numbered and exclusive to this week) and a digital file containing my .psd workfile where you can do your own exploring of my process. 
All funds will go to Red Cross and their humanitarian work in Aleppo, Syria.

Together we can make a difference!
Please share and contribute <3